Tamanna Reveals Secret About Her Character in ‘Baahubali’


White beauty Tamanna Bhatia has starred with almost all the top stars in film industry. She felt so honored to work in India’s biggest motion picture ‘Baahubali’. Tamanna is playing the role of a warrior princess named ‘Avanthika’ in “Baahubali” and her appearance in the film is completely different when compared to her earlier films. She and Baahubali team are very busy in promoting the film before it release.

Tamannah reveals secrets about her role in bahubali

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On speaking at an interview, Tamanna reveals some of the secrets about her role in ‘Baahubali’ film. Tamanna Bhatia reveals that, she is going to essay a role of warrior princess and for this, she has gained more weight, so that she will look appropriate beside the Tollywood hunk Prabhas.

Tamanna also reveals that, there will be an ultimate action fighting sequences in the film which is going to mesmerize the audiences. “Generally all the directors show their best work in the trailer itself. But Rajamouli has saved his best parts for the movie. When the movie comes, you’re going to go jaw dropped”, said Tamanna, while speaking with the Hindi media.