After Vishakha Singh, Colors Swati’s Hard Hitting Reply To A Comment on Instagram


A couple of weeks ago, Actress Vishakha Singh was trending all over social media for few days when she replied to a bully on her Facebook image. Now its Swati Reddy, popularly known as Colors Swati, has been inspired from it and replied back to a fan who called her “aunty”. 

This certainly did not go well with the actress and gave it back to the fan in style. “@suthagallery I AM AN AUNTY. It’s not a bad word that I have to feel embarrassed to put up with. People like you are the reason it’s hard to be yourself. I am not going to be the colours Swati who was 16 forever. Ok, Uncle? Chill with the free advice.”, the actress replied.

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“The only problem I have with this screenshot is that I found a comma missing in my reply. You see I am a grammar Aunty . “I am not going to be Colours Swathi who was 16, forever”. Phew!with that said, the reason I put it up is because I don’t want to ignore this guy’s banal comment and let him and others know that if looking grown up is “Aunty” then I am an Aunty.”

“If having more weight than what magazines and social media approves, then I am an Aunty. And proud to be one. PS- All the aunties I grew up watching were serious superwomen and hope I am as good as them. So yeah. PSS- Desi Aunties ko underestimate matt karo.”

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“They will whip Ur backside before U know it. Also thank you for making me realise I am now an Aunty, it means I look the part I am playing in the film and that’s a compliment. So thanks again.” Swathi posted in length in an another post.

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