Sushma Swaraj Issued Passport To A Young Indian Boxer, But Quoted ‘One Condition’ To Do So!

AP2TG Staff

Now, when it comes to listing out the most graceful and responsible minister the country ever had, the first name that strikes every Indian brain is undoubtedly External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. Since the very beginning of her entry on the social media platform Twitter, she has never shown her back to any helpless person abroad.

Thanks to technology, after all for bridging the gap between the victims and leaders, Sushma Swaraj is quite an amusing person when it comes to fulfilling her duties, this eminent lady responds to every tweet from the Indians abroad, promises help and she does it all the time, no matter whatever the situation might be.

Well, back then a month ago, we have seen a netizen asking Sushma Swaraj that is she ready to help him if he was stuck on Mars, the minister wittily replied that Indian embassy would help him even if he was stuck on Mars, and that was surely a facepalm moment for him.

Credits to Swaraj ji for all that which is happening in a fine discipline now. The recent incident in which a young Indian woman boxer has got her passport within 24 hours is definitely an act for which Swaraj deserves a huge round of applause. TIt all started with a single tweet in which the minister was tagged.

In the tweet, it was written, “Susma mam please help this India boxer too. She want to go to outside india for boxing match and she need quick passport . please help her too. Her contact number. 7417555556.

Another tweet followed the earlier one (after the advent of Swaraj into the matter):

And, as soon as she noticed the post, she immediately looked into the issue personally. Settled down the whole work within hours, took on to her Twitter handle, and wrote, “Jhalak – I have spoken on the given number. You will get the Passport tomorrow morning and you have to win a medal for the country”.

Check out the tweet here:

Well, she sorted out the whole tidy process within hours, but yes! there’s a condition: “Must win a medal for the country”.

Soon after the Twitter thread, this happened:

This young boxer who hails from a small village in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh has recently won the bronze medal in the 54 kg weight category at the Junior Women’s National Boxing Championship, and, is now all set to participate in an international boxing tournament called ‘Valeria Demyanova Memorial’ in Ukraine.

Jhalak has already got qualified for this competition to be held in Nadvirna city of Ukraine, she doesn’t have a passport. With this support from Swaraj, she indeed is all set to bait for the medal now.