Sunil Grover’s New Twitter Post Reveals That He Won’t Be Continuing With ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’!

AP2TG Staff

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover’s controversy is getting more and more ugly day by day. Looks like Sunil Grover will no more be a part of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

Yes, the fight between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover has become one of the controversial topics of the entertainment world. The two comedy stars who were once praised for their unmatched chemistry and an amazing comic timing are now engaged in an emotional fight.

Initially, Sunil Grover wrote a disheartening note to Kapil Sharma. He gave a hint that he’s quitting the show and also gave a befitting reply asking him “not to act like God”.

This heartfelt post must have made Kapil quite insecure; after all, Sunil Grover has played an important role in making his show popular.

Since then, there are so many stories around the fight. We told our readers about everything. The latest is the emotional post shared by Sunil Grover that leaves behind many questions in our mind.

And this latest tweet reveals the emotions and thoughts that are on Sunil’s mind.

Yes, Sunil has posted another emotional post along with a picture in which he is holding his son’s hand. The post is open to perceptions and it’s clearly hinting that Sunil Grover won’t be the part of Kapil’s team.

Here is what he wrote:

The Post Reads:

“My thanks and gratitude for all the love. I am nonexistent without the love. My public identity is just because of the love that you shower. I embrace it. It fills my heart and leaves no place for hate. I just want to surrender myself to good work, good people and acknowledge my intentions genuinely. And yes I am feeling little lost at this moment and nervous too. Don’t know what the future holds for me. And thank God my son Mohan is sleeping next to me. As I look at his innocent face, I feel lucky to have such a reason to smile. It reassures me that no matter what Tom will be beautiful. New… Yet beautiful.”

The post clearly reveals that Sunil wishes to move on from the incident.

The man is really hurt. Earlier, he shared a message to Kapil Sharma and revealed subtly about what exactly happened. He wants to start fresh and venture into a new world.

Well, the post he shared is open to perception but considering the situation, there is hardly any chance of Sunil Grover’s reconciliation with Kapil Sharma. What do you guys feel?

Do you think Sunil Grover is taking a right decision? Let us know your views in the comments section below.