Sunil Grover Turns Down The Offers, Kapil Sharma Demands 50 Percent Pay-Hike From Sony TV

AP2TG Staff

On one side, the popular comedian Sunil Grover turns down the numerous offers, claiming that he pays more attention to dignity and money is something he is least bothered about. On the other side, there’s precisely no or little response from Kapil Sharma.

Yes, Ever since the infamous Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover fight took place, they are making the headlines of the news portals. As we all know Sunil Grover has recently confirmed that he won’t be a part of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

In order to restore the balance and stability, Sony TV has took a step forward and gave a one month deadline to Kapil. Contrary to that Kapil however demanded a 50 percent hike in his pay. The board further urged Kapil to bring back Grover.In addition to this, the Sony TV also granted a good hike for Grover in which the deal of ‘no interaction with Kapil Sharma clause’ is included.

Practically speaking, as Kapil is also one of the producers of the show, it is not fair to believe that clause.

But, when Sunil’s recent tweet is interpreted carefully, it can be also said that the ugly verbal war initiated by Kapil has gone too far after certain sources provoked Sunil Grover ultimately resulting in stopping him from coming to Kapil nights. He even made it clear that he’s not after money.

Karan Patel, the TV actor had advised Kapil Sharma to keep his “Head on his shoulders and feet firm on the ground” and go on with the show leaving the bygones be bygones.

Sunil Pal, the winner of the ‘Laughter Challenge first season’ took on to his facebook profile and posted a video in a bid to reunite the duo- Kapil and Grover, he said: “You could not survive with the people around you and had to eventually come back to Kapil’s show”. He further mentioned about the struggle Grover had before he gained enough fame through Kapil Nights, he then concluded saying:

“We all have gained because of Kapil Sharma’s show. Thanks to him, we all get paid better. You also have suffered before”.

In a way, he is totally right for everyone’s good and let us see what all Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma has to say as both actually decided to move on with their won personal career, Kapil in Kapil Nights and Sunil Grover with his latest ‘Comedy Clinic’.