The Response Sunil Grover’s Live Show ‘Comedy Clinic’ Received Proves That He Does Not Need Kapil Sharma Anymore

AP2TG Staff

Ever since the infamous Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover fight took place, they are making headlines. As we all know Sunil Grover has recently confirmed that he won’t be a part of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ and looks like he has taken the right decision.

Yes, even though Sunil is not attending the shoot of Kapil’s show, it seems like he is having a great time outside.

Sunil Grover, the comedian who always wins our hearts has that inborn talent to tickle the funny bone of people with his humorous acts, and no matter what he does, the success rate is 100 percent.

On Saturday, Sunil did a live show in the Capital Delhi and his fans welcomed him openheartedly and the response his live show ‘Comedy Clinic’ got is a superhit.

The event was organized in association with ‘Radio City’ and it witnessed huge audience. Mashhoor Gulati once again won his fans’ hearts and left his audience laughing hilariously.

Fans loved to watch his Mashoor Gulati avatar once again and they thoroughly enjoyed the show. We had reported about Kapil Sharma’s show not getting a good response after Sunil’s exit; it was literally forced laughter. On the other hand, the case was completely different with Sunil Grover’s live show. People laughed their heart out and had a blast.

Sunil even danced and played different avatars, which left the audience in splits. Along with Sunil Grover, there was Kiku Sharda and other actors, which further added to the fun and gave an excellent experience to the audience.

The organizer of the show, Rajat Taneja, was surprised to see such an overwhelming response. He clarified that this incident was not planned after the tiff between Sunil and Kapil, but was planned much before that.

Taneja said,

“The reason behind the show is that I wanted to do something that had never been done in Delhi before, something different and something everyone would love. There is nothing against Kapil but I have done a lot of shows with Sunil and Kiku. They happen to be my favourite artists.”

Even Sunil Grover is super happy with the kind of response his show got. The comedian says that all this was possible only due to the love and support of the audience.

The response that Sunil’s show has got is a proof that Sunil has a bigger place in his fans’ hearts. Such humongous fan following of Sunil proves that he does not need Kapil Sharma anymore.

Do you think he’ll come back to Kapil’s show? This was a good proof of audience loving Sunil more than Kapil, right? Share your views in our comments section below.