#SuchiLeaks: Here’s How Rana Daggubati Reacted To The ‘Leaked Picture Of Him With Trisha’

AP2TG Staff

Now, it has been a month that the popular singer Suchitra has been in full swing on the Internet leaking some intimate and private pictures of the leading actors, especially Tamil stars.

The race started with the pictures of Dhanush, Trisha, Anirudh Ravichandar and Trisha and the stains marked by those pictures are still ongoing on Twitter and other social media platforms. Though many celebrities denied reacting on the leaks, some came forward and ended up slamming the singer for misleading content.

Suchitra later claimed that her Twitter account was hacked and it is not her who posted those tweets. The apology video by her husband Karthik Kumar, the reaction post by Dhanush’s sister and what not, the whole Kollywood has been going gaga over the leaks.

In between these chaos there’s a picture of actress Trisha with Rana Daggubati that has been topping the charts, though actress Trisha denied to react to these leaks, Rana took a step forward and quoted that he literally doesn’t give a shit about them.

In his words during an Interview, when asked about the pictures, Rana said:

“It’s you guys (the media) who made a big deal out of it, but I really don’t give a s**t. There were so many pictures. If mine made news, it probably means I’m more popular than the others. (laughs) I actually made a big joke out of it at the IIFA Utsavam, when I was hosting it.”

Later at multiple incidents, Trisha concluded that there is nothing more between them, and Rana is one of her good friends. After all, it was he, who was beside her throughout when her father passed away.