Stray Dogs Helped Dehli Police Officers In Arresting A Man Who Murdered His Wife!

AP2TG Staff

A silent guardian, a watchful protector and certainly a man’s best friend. Dogs have been teaching us lessons in humanity since generations. Every now and then you hear stories in which dogs have turned out to be the eventual heroes.

They are actually the most loyal animal to mankind.

Proving just that, this incident which took place on Wednesday in Sangam Vihar in South Delhi will make you love and respect dogs even more.

A pack of stray dogs played an important role in chasing a man who tried to dump his murdered wife’s body in the nearby forest area.

Mohammed Anish (36) stabbed his wife Nargis, mother of 3, just because he had a doubt that she had an extramarital affair. After hitting her with a spade and brutally murdering her, he had plans of dumping her body in the canal in Neb Serai, which is few meters away from their residence.

Anish later stuffed her body into a sack and moved towards the canal. But the stray dogs ran after him and forced him to abandon her body.

He was very frightened on being surrounded by those dogs, who constantly barked at him. He left that bloodstained sack as it is; next day morning, some residents noticed it and immediately informed the police. Soon, the dead body was identified by the neighbors; they were sure that it was Anish, who was responsible for Nargis’ murder and hence, police officials arrested him.

Nargis’ family members revealed that Anish used to fight with her daily, as she used to tell him to find a good job. Yes, Anish was a house painter with irregular income, but still, he didn’t want to get a good job. On the other hand, Nargis was working in a private company and had a decent income. This was the major reason which led to arguments between the couple.

According to Chinmoy Biswal, DCP II,

“Anish said they had regular quarrels, but yesterday he was particularly angered and had bludgeoned his wife with a spade.”

Another police officer said,

“In his interrogation, Anish said the street dogs started barking at him when he was taking his wife’s body to dump it in a nearby forest to hide the crime. He was scared of being caught by neighbours and therefore left the body a few metres away from his house.”

Neighbors told the police officials that the duo had argued a lot on Wednesday night; after hearing this, everyone became sure that it was Anish who murdered her. Nargis’ body was taken to AIIMS for post mortem.

Kuldeep Singh, the Station House Officer stated that solving this case would have been difficult if these dogs wouldn’t have interfered and forced him to abandon the body.

Isn’t it, a great move by Dogs? This once again proves that dogs are the most loyal animals towards humans!

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