This Woman Was Mocked As ‘Fastest Cashier In The World’ For All The Wrong Reasons

Krishna Reddy

Social media is one of the biggest platforms for spreading the news all over the world. Within no time, any news or any aspect can go viral on social media. One trend that never goes out of the fashion or viral content is mocking people for any and everything.

What’s disturbing is how people are so blinded to judge anything and presenting it as per their view that they do not think the emotions of the subject or person shown in the video. Everyone just cares about how many likes and shares the post gets but they never question, how is the content reflecting that person in front of million people.

One such incident has taken place and was captured. The cyber-crime was committed against Premlata Shinde whose video as the “fastest cashier in the world” went viral for all the wrong reasons. The video shows a woman cashier counting cash and depositing money at damn slow speed.

Watch The Video Here:

She was mocked mercilessly after the video went viral. Social activist Kundan Srivastava highlighted the truth and by the time you finish reading it, you will be in tears.

This honorable woman who works with Bank Of Maharashtra in Pune has suffered 2 heart attacks and a paralysis stroke and has recently joined work after a long medical leave. Despite having enough leaves to stay at home, she chose to work and retire honorably in February 2017. The people who mocked her would be ashamed of themselves after knowing that this brave woman still struggles through such everyday struggles by herself as she has lost her husband and her only son lives abroad.

The Bank inspired by her wish to work despite her medical condition has provided her with a special computer and an additional cash counter. That was the little effort they could make but this is how social media rewarded her struggle?

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