Health Tips: How To Stay Healthy Even After Working From 9 To 9

AP2TG Staff

Let us assume that right after the graduation you are now working in an MNC that literally takes the whole day of yours. Now, there is a number that haunts you in day and nights. Yes! It’s 9. Every fresher or rarely an experienced employee has to work in his company for nearly 12 hours.

To sustain actively and healthily for 12 long hours is something very difficult to do.
This health tips you have to consider doesn’t urge you to make a total lifestyle makeover in a day or two, tiny shifts daily can help you make big changes. In fact, a healthy lifestyle is a work in progress, making better choices and living consciously.

A Popular doctor from New Delhi, Dr Gowri Kulkarni shares a few tips that can help you stay healthy as well as have a successful career:

Let Yourself Under The Sun:

Our bodies are made up of muscles, hormones and many other things, in order to let our body function properly we should have a fair balance of vitamins and proteins. Now, go bask in the sun, let sunlight fall on your exposed skin, our bodies absorb the sun’s energy and make Vitamin D. Getting some sunshine helps you stay active and happy the whole day.

Walk Till You Hit The Wall:

Walk everywhere, walk while you take a call, park your car a few meters away from your office, take the stairs instead of the elevator, get off the bus one stop before your scheduled stop and walk the last leg. Don’t make the “I don’t have time to exercise” excuse again.

Make Sure To Eat One Fruit Every Day:

Fruits are quite necessary to stay healthy. An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Fruits have wonderful vitamins and minerals; eat at least one fruit per day. Follow one colour a day norm, for example, if you choose to eat food that is green, then eat a green apple, same applies for other colours.

Let It Go:

Here is the biggest demon that simply flukes you out totally. Smoking does not do you any good. We have heard so much about the harmful effects of smoking and the carcinogens that come packed in cigarettes, but we still make excuses for smoking. The best time to quit smoking was yesterday, the second-best time is right now.

Water Plays A Vital Role:

Water! drink a lot of water. Not simply when you feel thirsty but at regular intervals. Water is an elixir for good health, skin and hair, it is much better for your hair and skin than the expensive products. Drink enough water every day and it will even help you shed off those extra kilos as well.

Sleep well:

This is a boon, though the sleep is underrated, getting the adequate amount of sleep is key to maintain good health. Try and squeeze in at least eight hours of sleep in between your busy schedule. The more you sleep, the more productive you will be.

Turn On Child Mode:

Forget your age once in a while, do at least one child like activity every day. Jump around, make a boat, sing in the shower, hop, skip, and jump. Beat stress the smart way, watch and learn from a child.

All the above tips are quite simple and easy to follow, tomorrow is the right time and ‘right now’ is the perfect moment to start.