SS Rajamouli Is Now Ready To Work With Rajinikanth But Here’s His Condition

AP2TG Staff

Baahubali-2 has become a remarkable success and the careers of actors, technicians and especially the director SS Rajamouli are on the high swing. Everyone is quite curious about the future projects of the crew. People loved Baahubali and are now eagerly waiting for the next big step of Rajamouli. hear Following the series of

Various theories were heard, Ranveer Singh, Prabhas and many others’ names are on table, though, there’s no authenticated source regarding the upcoming projects of Rajamouli, he finally responded to the series of assumptions by answering the question asked by BBCin an interview.

Recently, there’s a question that started going viral post the Baahubali’s sequel, somehow, someone started thinking about SS Rajamouli casting South India’s most popular actor, so called Thalaivar, Rajinikanth in his next movie, being the most loved Indian actor and a generous human being, everyone in the whole country will be waiting for the movie of the duo, if it is only a true talk.

And Rajamouli, however, waved a green flag for this question, breaking the ambiguity but he also has a condition which is quite convincing and fine. He was quoted saying:

“Rajinikanth is humility personified. He’s a huge star in India and people are dying to just see him on the screen. To make a film with Rajinikanth will be a dream come true for any director and I’m not an exception. But I always believe that it’s the story that should drive you. If I come up with something like that and if the story inspires me, I would be happy to work with him.”

Here’s The Tweet:

It must be noticed that actor Rajinikanth’s career is also not at quite a good pace and let us hope that Rajamouli might come up with some intriguing story that tallies the gait and stature of Thalaivar.