Sourav Ganguly Urges Virender Sehwag To Make Sense In Interviews And Commentary Box

AP2TG Staff

Virender Sehwag, the former Team India’s batsman and the current wittiest person on Twitter are once again in the news and this time, it is not because he trolled someone or made fun of anyone. Sehwag has reprised his presence in Cricket by taking up into the Commentary box.

It was during the India’s grand debut match in Champions Trophy 2017, against Pakistan, where Pakistan was struggling to attain back to back runs in the second innings to beat TeamIndia’s mighty target.

While the match was on crucial phase, the topic of new players speed in running in between the wickets has come in. In response to Virat Kohli‘s’ statistics that were being shown on TV at that moment, Ganguly said that even he was very quick between wickets during his time. To this, Viru cracked up exclaiming that ‘Dada’ might have been quick but not as swift as Kohli.

Taking this into consideration, Ganguly made his bid to prove Sehwag wrong, in this process he asked the producers to hand over his stats card. The ‘Prince of Calcutta’ also challenged Sehwag to a 100m sprint at the Oval after the final gets over.

Ganguly added, “Tere Liye do physio bhi denge.(I will give two extra physio to you for the race).” Sourav even accused Sehwag of tagging the previous generation of cricketers as slow in between wickets.

To everyone’s surprise, the results are just eccentric. Ganguly pointed out that Sehwag had single’s percentage of 24% while Dada had 36%, tipping the scales to Dada’s side. An anguished Sourav Ganguly then stated:

“Aap apnay statistics theek karain or Commentary Box mai aisi Kharab baatain na karain or interviews ma bhi (Please correct you statistics and speak sense both in the commentary box and in interviews.).”

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As of now, India has been doing really well in the tournament and will be taking on Pakistan for the second time in CT 2017, having won the first battle comprehensively. The defending champs have illustrated an excellent form on their road to the finals.