Sourav Ganguly Makes Shocking Comments On Virender Sehwag Upon Applying For Head Coach Position

AP2TG Staff

Team India’s head coach position has become the most craved butter for this season. Prominent players like Virender Sehwag and Ravi Shastri has applied for the job. Despite the various concerns, it is assumed that Ravi Shastri might be the rightful choice for the position.

On the other side, with the extension of the applicants’ deadline to July 9th, many veteran cricketers like Tom Moody, Lalchand Rajput, and Dodda Ganesh has applied for the same.

Some believed that the lackluster proposition of Sehwag, a two line CV, there’s no room expecting him as the next coach, on the other hand, Shastri had given the interview for the post on Skype while he was holidaying in Bangkok and it was assumed that his laidback manner of giving the interview might cost him the job, though it is in ambiguity, as he is the most preferable out of all others.

But, former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly has finally opened up on the ongoing scenario saying that ‘cricket is a captain’s game’ before saying “man-management and situation understanding skills” make good coaches, apart from skills. Speaking in the wake of the Virat Kohli-Anil Kumble saga, former skipper Ganguly said:

“I think cricket is a captain’s game. The coach should be someone who can help and get the team going.”

“Maybe someone will be better skill-wise but will lack at man-management. You just have to move on, past and should be left behind, we will do whatever we think is good for the Indian cricket. We did the same in appointing Kumble as well. He also gave us results. We played in the final of the Champions Trophy. We will try and do our best.”

Talking about the Kumble’s appointment, he went saying that Kumble was India’s leading wicket-taker and third in the world, he was appointed as head coach to help out the Indian spinners, Ganguly revealed.

He added, “India’s strength is spin. So we thought he would be able to help our spinners. We thought Anil would handle it properly, having played at the top level for so many years and becoming successful.”

Later, Ganguly, who had earlier said the situation should have been handled better, said it’s normal to have differences.

“This is normal in life when you are together somewhere there will be a difference of opinions. Even at work, you have differences. You just have to deal with it.

He, then, added that Ganguly said he has seen Virender Sehwag’s CV for the job and it’s not a two-liner as reported in the media.

“I’ve seen Sehwag’s CV and it’s not a two-liner one. He has a complete CV. But can you become the India coach by sending a CV?” he asked. Then said, “Coach is made on the ground. And he is Sehwag, a known personality. Everyone knows him and his cricketing skills. He’s not someone who has come from Midnapore district of West Bengal.”

“So I don’t think it’s an issue. We will sit, talk and finalize. Difficult to take a name at the moment, whoever is good will get the job, be it Shastri, Sehwag or someone else. We will take an opinion and decide” concluded Dada.