Sonu Nigam Defends Justin Bieber’s List Of Demands And Once Again Took A Dig At “Loudspeaker”!

AP2TG Staff

Since the time it was announced that pop singer Justin Bieber will visit India for a concert as part of his purpose tour, his fans in the nation had gone crazy and were fainting over the news. Few days before the Canadian Singer Justin Bieber’s list of demands took the internet by storm and people in India were shocked with his luxurious demands during his purpose tour in India.

However, after people heard the list of his demands, they lost their cool and slammed him on Twitter. Many thought that Jacuzzi, Play Station, Rolls Royce, ping-pong table, chopper etc. were worthless demands.

While some still think that his demands were crazy, singer Sonu Nigam, who last month had stirred up the loudspeaker-Azaan row, thinks that Bieber’s demands are justified. He says that he has made it so big through this talent and that there’s no need to go bonkers over his demands, especially when the organizers are ready to fulfill them all.

Yes, the singer is of the opinion that Justin’s demands are completely reasonable and there’s no need of creating hype over it. Sonu says that if organizers are ready for his demands, people shouldn’t object it.

In a recent interview, Sonu said,

“I am surprised people make fun of Bieber. He is the most trolled artist and yet year after year he has been proving people wrong. People have been trolling him since he was a child. Kitne Mean Hotey Hain Log. Bacche Ko Bhi Nahi Choda. He is a billionaire and there is a reason why he is doing so well. It has to be his talent. Why should I not like him? He is a good singer and definitely not fake as far as his singing is concerned.”

He added that Justin is not the only artist who has put such costly demands; there are many others who come up with the same list.
“Dene Waley De Rahe Hain Na, Toh Humko Kya Problem Hai? Why are we acting so ignorant and why are we so amazed at what Bieber has apparently asked for? Every singer who comes to India asks for these things. Purple curtains, satin beds… they have their quirks, it’s their system. Even a Madonna or Beyonce would ask for it,” Sonu said,

After all this, Sonu once again tried to spark off the “Loudspeaker” controversy. He also mentioned how Indian artists make high-end demands as well.

“This happens here too. I know of Indians who do it as well. Certain music composers demand a swimming pool facing suite if someone else gets it. I would never ask for it as we don’t humiliate people who work with us like this. Do we stay in our homes like this? We don’t, right? International artists do it. This is their ‘loudspeaker’. All I expect is a good sound system for my concert. Who has the time to enjoy Jacuzzi! The focus is always the voice,” Sonu said.

By mentioning the word “Loudspeaker”, did he mean linking it to the Azaan controversy? What do you feel about this? Share your views with us in the comments section below.