Snapchat’s New Update : Allows Users to Share News


Today Snapchat is finally making its media content sharable. Snapchat launched Discover few months ago that featured content from Vice, CNN, National Geographic and others however to share stories was not yet available.  The app released an update using which you can share contents from Discover section to Twitter, Facebook, Googke Plus and LinkedIn.

Snapchat’s New Update Allows Users to Share News

Discover is Snapchat’s news and editorial platform that delivers daily stories and videos from the company, as well as 11 outside sources like Comedy Central, Vice, ESPN, National Geographic and CNN. The new features allows Snapchat users an additional way to engage with Discover by sharing Images, Videos with their friends and relatives.

How to Share News using Sanpchat?

First, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the latest Snapchat update. If you have not downloaded the latest version then Download Snapchat Latest Update from below.

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When browsing in Discover, you can now select an item to share by tapping and holding on an image, video or article. With text, the app will only capture a screenshot of the portion you’re currently viewing, not the entire post.

Snapchat’s allows users to Share News:

Those Snaps will include a “Sent via Discover” banner that users can click to jump straight into Discover.

Your friends will then receive your snap as they would a typical Snapchat message, but they’ll also see a purple link at the bottom that they can tap to jump over to Discover and take a deeper dive into the article, video, or photo you sent them.

Snapchat’s allows users to Share News:

The recent update also includes the ability to zoom while recording videos within snapchat – Swipe right while recording to zoom in and left to zoom out.