Similarities Between Baahubali and Hollywood Film 300


Since the First look and the Cover photos from Bahubali are released, there are rumors that the Bahubali is the Indian version of Hollywood Movie ‘300’. No one knows the exact fact about this rumor until the movie is released. Bahubali is one of the high budget films in India with lot of expectations. Even many rumors are roaming in the industry about the film. Few images from Bahubali are wandering in the Internet showing that they are looking same as stills of ‘300’. They have even briefly compared both the movie images.

The trailer of Bahubali was noticed that many scenes were similar to Movie ‘300’. Some of the scenes are sword sequences, war sequences, Handicapped character of the Villain and many more. The movie 300 was a big action and historic movie. Bahubali movie would make us remember ‘300’ movie but it is not copied version of ‘300’ said by the Bahubali makers in many situations.

1. War Scene in Baahubali and 300:

Bahubali war sequence same as 300

2. Ditto Scenes in Baahubali and  300:

bahubali war scene

This image shows us that the both are the war sequences and look like same. This is why everyone are saying that Bahubali is copied from 300.

3. King in Baahubali and King in 300:

bahubali fighting sequence

Action scenes in both the films Bahubali and 300. They may look same but there would be some difference in Bahubali. We can say that it is inspired from movie 300.

4. Prabhas saying Mahishmathi and 300 hero saying This is Sparta:

bahubali and 300 similar scene

5. Action sequence from Bahubali and 300:

bahubali fighting sequence

The reports say that the fighting sequences are same as in the movie ‘300’. There are many similarities in fighting scenes. We can’t say that they are copied but they may be influenced.

6. A Still of Heroines in Bahubali and 300:

look of bahubali and 300 heroines

7. Handicapped Villains in Bahubai and 300:

bahubali villain character

The villain Nassar in Bahubali was given a handicapped character which look same as the character in ‘300’. There may be similarities but not copied version.

And many more visuals are said that they are copied. We have to wait and see what is the fact.