Shocking!!! – Maternal Uncle Get Four Year Old Child Drunk Video Goes Viral


Most disgusting and Shocking video goes viral in the social media where a four year old toddler was given liquor by a group of youth. The cops of Tiruvannamalai caught two of the people who involved in this offensive activity and arrested them. The Police are in hunt for the remaining four including the child’s maternal uncle.

Shocking Video - Maternal Uncle Get Four Year Old Child Drunk

A 1.35 minute long video went viral on the WhatsApp along with social networking sites like Facebook that remained many of the people in a state of shock. The video has been purposively taken by a person in a group of six to seven youth in which a four-year-old boy is been asking to drink beer in a plastic glass. He was then offered some fried nuts in a plastic bag as a side dish. They tell him to eat those nuts as a side dish. As seen in the video, few men seated around the child and cheering him up to keep drinking. While the boy is sipping the beer from the plastic glass, the people around him laugh at him and relishes watching the activity.

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At one point of time, the child refuses to drink more by shaking his hand as a signal of denial. Even then, the men ask him to continue and drink it up hastily. The small boy even coughs while sipping the drink and lastly flings away the glass at a person seating beside the child. The group has uploaded the video on WhatsApp that went viral and immediately, the police came into action. They had searched for the men by a two-wheeler that has been spotted in the video. The small clue led the police to trace the location.

Maternal Uncle Involved in the Uncultured Activity

Police arrested couple of people namely Elumalai and Premkumar who were present in the video. Premkumar was also nabbed by the cops who live in the same village along with Elumalai. During the investigation, they both told the Police that the incident took place on June 3o near a lake in Tiruvannamalai village.

R. Ponni, Superintendent of Police, Tiruvannamalai told, “We formed three special teams to trace the youth. We saw the vehicle registration number in the video (TN 25 AJ 8209) and traced it to Elumalai of Mel Cholankuppam village in Kadaladi police station limit.” She also added that they indulged in such uncultured act in an inebriated condition.

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During the inquiry, Police found that the boy was the nephew of one of the accused named Murugan. As per the statement of duo, Murugan went to play cricket with his friends and had taken the boy along with him near a lake in the village. After finishing the game, they consumed liquor eventually they made the boy beverage the leftover liquor.
Child Lives with his Maternal Grandmother

The child’s parents lives in Chennai and they are occupied as construction workers. They left the boy with his maternal grandmother. The whole incident remained all the family members and neighbours of the men involved in the act in a state of shock.

Here is the Shocking Video in which Maternal Uncle gets a Four-year old boy drunk:

“We are contemplating to file case against them under Juvenile Justice Act against the men gave liquor to the child and video graphed it and circulated it,” further said the Sub Inspector of Police.

Police are in hunt for the remaining four members who involved in the uncivilized act – Manikandan, Rajaram, Murugan and another Manikandan – who belongs to the same village.