Shocking Truth Revealed About Anil Kumble and Virat Kohli! Sources Says That They Had Fight About Players Salary!

AP2TG Staff

Ever since the infamous spat between Kumble and Virat came into limelight, they are making the headlines on the news portals. As we all know Anil Kumble has himself stepped down as the head coach of the team recently and this disappointed many.

Virat and Kumble‘s fight has become a hot topic of discussion on social media. And the controversy is getting more and more ugly day by day. And it looks like it will never end soon.
The matter heated up to such an extent that Kumble issued a hard-hitting post on his Twitter handle. Cricket fans wanted to know if things were not fine between the two; so, clarifying everything, Kumble has blamed Kohli for his decision to step down.

After reading his statement, people thrashed Kohli on social media for insulting the legend. Even most of the popular cricketers and other sportspersons like Abhinav Bindra ended up indirectly criticizing Kohli.

However, after days of silence, Kohli finally opened up about his differences with Kumble, stated that he is never going to unveil the dressing-room details, he simply said that his relationship with Kumble has become “untenable” which is quite out of balance or un-cooperative.

Now post this, a fresh report has surfaced online and it highlights an issue between the captain and the coach which is very shocking to know as a cricket fan.

Yes, if reports in CricNext are to be believed, Kohli and Kumble had a fight about the varied opinions on players’ pay hike. A senior official in BCCI made shocking revelations a couple of days after Kumble quit the coveted job.

Apparently, Kohli felt that the captain should be paid extra for the added responsibilities and Kumble was against his opinion.

Sources of CricNext also revealed that a senior official in BCCI saying:

“Never would Virat Kohli be on the same page on the captain getting paid extra for discharging the captain’s responsibility. In fact, I have personally had a word with him once or twice and he has always said that every player’s interest should be taken care of, but especially those who play just one format should be priority.”

“Actually Kumble wants to tag a few people just to strengthen his case. But his demand that the skipper be paid extra is mind-boggling,” sources added.

This indeed is a shocking revelation from this anonymous source as the coach getting so involved in payment related issues is unheard of in cricket history.

Asper reports, Kohli had demanded Rs. 5 crore for Grade A players

Digging a little deeper into this issue, Virat Kohli was palpably unhappy after BCCI announced the annual payment for cricketers. BCCI decided to pay Rs. 2 crore to Grade-A players, Rs. 1 crore to Grade-B players and Rs.50 Lakh to Grade-C players. Former cricketer Ravi Shastri too pounded on the cricket board and said Rs. 2 Crore is peanuts when compared to what their counterparts are getting.

Virat had requested for a salary of Rs. 5 crore, Rs. 3 crore and Rs. 1.5 crore for Grade-A, Grade-B and Grade-C cricketers respectively. COA Chief Vinod Rai later discussed these pay hikes with the Indian skipper and he said to the press back then that they will take Kohli’s opinions into consideration and react accordingly.