Shocking !! MP’s Son Brutally Beaten up by Girl Thugs in London


A British MP’s son, Tom Borwick was savagely beaten up and left unconscious by a gang of girl thugs at a KFC outlet in London’s Leicester Square. Newly-elected Conservative MP Lady Victoria Borwick, who represents Kensington, had 27-year-old son named Tom Borwick. On Friday evening, Tom Borwick went to the fast food outlet in Leicester Square and stood in a queue for buying some food. Suddenly, he was attacked by a “girl gang”.

MP's Son was Beaten up by Girl Thugs in London
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He and his girlfriend were bundled outside by security guards at the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and sought refuge behind a metal security barrier leading to the entrance of a nearby casino. Tom Borwick son of MP shouted “Help, help! I’m being attacked!”.

He said that, instead of giving protection, the bouncers were simply watching outside the barrier where the girls renewed attack.

MP's Son was Beaten up by Girl Thugs in London
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According to Tom Borwick’s Statement:

“That’s when I was hit in the head and fell to the floor. At some point I remember standing up again to protect my girlfriend. Then I was on the ground and they then started to kick me there. At some point of time, probably within five or 10 minutes, police arrived, and then paramedics shortly afterwards.”

Tom Borwick who is the son of Lady Victoria Borwick, the MP was then taken into Chelsea and Westminster hospital’s A&E department, where he was treated for cuts and bruises.

The two girls who have attacked him was found by watching CCTV footage and the third girl was not found on the CCTV footage. All the three who have attacked MP’s son were black women aged between 20 and 30 years. Among the three, one was in black attire, the second women appears in blue dress while the thrid lady in a white dress.