Unknown Shocking Facts About Prabhas Duplicate In Baahubali


With over more than 300 movie releases every year, Telugu cinema industry or Tollywood is the second biggest cinema industry after Bollywood. While its biggest stars stay in posh areas of Hyderabad like Jubille Hills and Banjara Hills, junior artists like dancers, technicians, stunt artists and crew helpers live in Krishna Nagar.

The person who had an observation and interest on films will surely knew about duplicate heroes. These will act in the place of hero for some risk scenes of the film. Sometimes dups stunts will lost their lives are pulls them into life risk. Most of heroes will have dups now we are going to see and discuss about young rebel star Prabhas’s dup. Kiran Raj is hero’s dup acted in many of risk scenes in darling’s films.With 6feets of height and heavy body he looks like Prabhas.


Kiran acted in latest flick ‘Baahubali’ also. Creator Rajamouli came to know about dup and he called up specially to perform some of risk shots. For the film Kiran also build up body and maintained beard like prabhas. This photo is during the shooting of magnum opus movie. Both seem to be twins. This photo is trending in social media now. Kiran commented on the chance to act in Baahubali ‘this is very rare offer for me to act in the prestigious project.