She Saw Him At Reliance Fresh & Wanted To Get Married. Now Twitter Is Loving This Love Story

AP2TG Staff

Smartphones and digital technology in specific have transformed several features of our society, considering how people are seeking out and set up romantic relationships. Yes, gone are the days when youngsters would wait for a text from their crush or find their love in marriages of friends and relatives or other ceremonies.

In this day and age of online dating, now men and women prefer finding partners on the web. However, a one-sided cute love story broke the Internet recently and to your utter amazement.

It all started when Reliance Fresh began to trend on the micro-blogging site Twitter last night all of a sudden and the whole credit goes to @art_lover_09 who tried to find her love at the first sight on Twitter. Can’t believe?

Here’s Her Tweet:

Twitter is an open platform where people no longer shy away from either sharing their personal information or voicing their opinion. Be it politics or relationships, Twitterati-s surely know how to entertain themselves and others by sharing hilarious stories.

As soon as this became viral, a Twitter user named Rishabh Bhandari took a jibe at the girl and tweeted, “Went to Reliance fresh today and this cute girl was staring like she wants to get married to me or maybe she liked my Captain America Tshirt

Other users also derived fun and the tweet went viral with hilarious reactions!
Free Dhaniya ?

This nain matakka is quite interesting:

The latest entry in matchmaking platform:

The reaction of single people:

No guy can reject such a cute proposal:

New formula to get a girlfriend:

Meanwhile Indian moms:

This girl may become the brand ambassador of Reliance Fresh after this:

Free publicity:

Sale of Captain America T-shirts increased:

Anti-Romeo squad

That’s epic ?

Is he the man?

Or maybe this guy? LOL ?

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