She Kept Onions In Her Socks Before Going To Sleep And The Results Are Fascinating!

AP2TG Staff

Have you ever heard about Onion in your socks! There is a secret mechanism that works behind this. All your body parts can be treated by just using your feet. Don`t believe me? Come let us see the secret behind What happens when you put the cut onion in your socks while you sleep.

All of us know that every human body consists of nerves and nervous systems which are called as meridians in Chinese language. Almost all nerves have their ending at the bottom of your feet. These nerve endings are very powerful when utilized in a proper way. But these meridians gets dormant at times, as they do not get acupuncture done. For this to happen you need to walk on barefoot outside to stimulate the meridians and work properly.

Basing on this theory here are some simple steps to follow and purify your blood. We use onion in this process as they kill germs and bacteria.During this process, phosphoric acid enters the blood stream and purifies it.

Benefits of Onion:

Onion has a peculiar nature which can purify the air, Stimulate the blood stream also kills the bacteria and germs. Onions can also solve the most respiratory issues, it can strengthen bones, fights against cancer, aids digestion etc. Because of this nature, it can bring out the toxin present in the body overnight when treated in the stepwise process below.

#1. Cut Onion Slices:

You can choose any Onion red or white. Organic onions work very well in this task. Just cut the onion slices and keep it ready before you go to sleep. See that these slices can be applied at the bottom of your foot.

#2. Put the slices in socks:

Now put these slices under your feet and cover it with socks. Leave this for the whole night and see the magic. Onions your feet purifies the air in your room kills the germs and bacteria present in your body and stimulates the blood flow. As we have seen that there are some meridian points under your feet which can affect the functionality of the organ.

Follow the above steps in order to maintain good health in a very easy way. You know one thing? In some countries during some climatic changes puts the onion slices in their room to purify the air. So why neglect such great benefits and the simple remedy which we can do without any great efforts.