Did You Observe Shahrukh Khan’s Special Appearance In The Tubelight Trailer? Check It Out

AP2TG Staff

The Bollywood superstar Salman Khan upcoming movie Tubelight is all set to hit the theaters this Eid. His film is nothing short of a festival for his fans. Given the fact that his films mostly release on Eid, it melds two festivals into one.

And yesterday, doubling the excitement in the fans Tube lights trailer was released and in only 15 hours, the trailer has almost reached 4 million views on YouTube. The movie is set to release on Eid and yet again it’s a no brainer that the Salman Khan – Kabir Khan duo is going to do wonders at the box office.

Undoubtedly, the film trailer is really making fans more excited to watch the film bringing a decent idea about how this film would look like. Salman’s fans or as they like to be called Salmaniacs, are already in love with his innocent character.

This isn’t the first time that Kabir Khan has cast Salman in a role where he plays too innocent for his personality. He did it in Bajrangi Bhaijaan and people loved it.

Not only this, we have a lot of surprises in the film, one of them is SRK super cameo in Bhai’s film. What else do we need?

Yes, Shahrukh Khan might have a cameo in the film and this, by far, has to be the biggest surprise. Their fans have been dying to see both these stars on screen and Tubelight might just end their wait. You can see SRK at 2:08 in the trailer in what looks like a dance sequence.

Here, take another look.

Go ahead, watch the trailer again and pause at 2:08.

What do you say about the trailer? Do you think it’s a blockbuster movie next? Let us know your views in the comments section below.