After Being Pranked At Ramez Galal’s Ramadan TV Show, Shahrukh Khan Turns Angry

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No words can describe the love Shahrukh Khan has earned so far. Shah Rukh Khan recently appeared on MBC’s Ramez Taht El Ard (Ramez Underground), a popular show and did something unexpected. It is a reality TV show where many Arab celebrities have been pranked before and Khan was their latest guest. An Abu Dhabi-based anchor Ramez Galal played a prank on Shah Rukh by dressing up as a giant reptile and made it looks as real as day. It is not every day that you see the Badshah of Bollywood fuming in anger.

It is not every day that you see the Badshah of Bollywood fuming in anger.

Though the episode started off smoothly, things changed with time, ending up SRK in anger. Khan arrived at a remote shoot location in the Abu Dhabi desert via helicopter from where he rides on a camel to a large tent in the desert. He is then welcomed by a popular Lebanese TV presenter Nishan who interviews him as a part of the prank.

Post the interview, they go on a safari through the desert where the driver gets lost in the desert only to find out they are stuck in quicksand. SRK helps other passengers get out of the vehicle when a huge reptile crawl towards them. As the situation worsens, the prankster comes out of the costume to calm down everyone. However, by then King Khan loses his temper when he realizes the whole set up was a prank made to make fun of him.

As of now, the YouTube clip doing rounds shows Shah Rukh yelling at the anchor asking, “Did you call me all the way from India for this?” A worried anchor can be seen saying that he loves him and is sorry, but Khan is in no mood to cool down.

He tells the anchor not to be sorry and to call his team again for such things. Turning down everything, the anchor then posted a picture with SRK which sounds like the whole theme of SRK pretending angry is scripted.

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Sources claim that Shah Rukh was paid Rs 2 crore for getting pranked on the show. The prank show comes on TV every Ramadan on MBC with a different theme and is very popular in Pakistan.