Shah Rukh’s Kickass Replies From #AskSRK Is Winning Internet! Proves Why He Is The KING Of Bollywood!

AP2TG Staff

Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan has once again proved that he is the King of all wits. There is no other actor who can match his level of sassiness. Time and again he shows his wittiness in his Tweets whatever way possible. SRk made us smile many times with his funny lines in interviews and Tv shows.

Yes, the Superstar knows how important it is to keep his fans happy. The Baadshah of Bollywood understands the emotions of his followers and manages to give them as much attention and time out of his busy schedule whenever he can.

Time and again, he hosts #AskSRK sessions on Twitter and they are fun. Now, once again Shah Rukh Khan invited Twitter fans to pose their questions to the Baadshah in which he answered even the weirdest questions put up by Twitter users. Known for his charm and wit, SRK doesn’t fail to impress us with his clever and often heartfelt responses.

Many expressed their love for the actor, whereas some tried to find out the answers of some personal questions and there were few who tried to insult him, but the superstar just won over the situation with his hilarious replies for everyone.

Check out some of the best tweets:

When SRK had a complete savage comeback when asked to choose between Hollywood and Bollywood:

One word for Katrina Kaif!

What is wrong with Bollywood?

This one was hilarious!

Why R is capital in AbRam?

One word for Virat Kohli!

Tubelight dekhne chaloge?

This session was superb and we loved every answer of his. What about you? Share your views in our comments section below.