Here’s How Shah Rukh Khan Replied To ‘Chaiwala’ On Twitter When He Said, “I Look Like SRK!”

Krishna Reddy

Do you remember the dreamy blue-eyed chaiwala who become an internet sensation in a single day?

The chaiwala Arshad Khan has become overnight star as a single Instagram picture of him went viral across the globe. He is just 18. Later he even won a modeling contract.


Since then, Arshad Khan is being in the news now and then about his star status and this time, he is in the news for a good reason.

In a recent interview, the chaiwala, Arshad Khan, was asked which celebrity did he think he looked like?

He undoubtedly and confidently said, Shah Rukh Khan!


It seems that King Khan had seen the interview of Arshad Khan and he took to Twitter to compliment him for it.

Getting a compliment from a big star especially like SRK is certainly every fan’s dream come true! Isn’t it?