Sehwag Supports Pakistan Team Captain Sarfraz Ahmed Way Ahead of India Vs Pakistan Final! Know What He Said

AP2TG Staff

Virender Sehwag, the former Team India’s batsman and the current wittiest person on Twitter has once again hit the headlines and this time, it is not because he trolled someone or made fun of anyone. But surprisingly, it’s for supporting Pakistan and its skipper Sarfraz Ahmed ahead of India vs Pakistan final clinch.

Feeling confused? Read the complete story here, I bet you’ll also support pakistanis in this context very heartfully.

As we all know when it comes speaking in “ENGLISH”, Pakistani players always lack their confidence to speak as many of the Pakistanis don’t know the language properly. People keep making fun of their English speaking skills. Recently, Captain Sarfraz Ahmad was brutally trolled on social media for his language inefficiency.

This led to comments from some insensitive people mocking him for something so insignificant. The video went viral, numerous people and social media entities poked fun at Ahmed’s English. Even many leading websites carried an article making fun of Ahmed’s English on Facebook.

This article was in response to a video grab on YouTube, that shows Ahmed asking at a post-match press conference “Sab English ke hai kya? (Are they all from English channels?)”

Watch The Video Here:

But what came as a surprise response was many Indians came together to respect the cricketer, because “English doesn’t define intelligence”, as one Facebook user commented on the post.

Lending support, even Sehwag who is known to never mince his words on the trending issues has raised his voice over this. The right-handed cricketer defended Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed for his English speaking skills that have come under fire by some trolls.

Here Is His Tweet:

It’s common that every time when India and Pakistan come face to face to play a cricket match, the Internet goes on an overdrive posting memes and making jibes on the opposite teams. But amidst all this, India and Pakistan united in lending their support to Pakistan’s captain Sarfraz Ahmed — an incident that was nothing less than heartwarming.

Here are the of the Facebook comments.

Here are some of the Pakistani reactions the tweet garnered thereafter.

And finally, as a conclusion see this tweet from a Pakistani fan:

Well, it was refreshing to see Indian and Pakistani fans coming together to take down the trolls who mocked Sarfaraz Ahmed on social media for his English-speaking skills.

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