Scientists’ Says Indian Ocean Level Is Rising Faster Than The Global Average

AP2TG Staff

Climate change is real and it is clearly visible with the ongoing summers and winters. The depletion of diverse species and dissolution of many aquatic animals directly replicates the effects of worsening climate stats. Careful measures must be taken to protect ourselves from the assumed trauma.

Global warming is 21st Century’s leading problem and it is the crucial factor that plays a vital role in accelerating the rise of the sea level. This is now happening in the north Indian Ocean, when compared to the global estimate, it is believed that Indian Ocean’s growth in level is quite absurd and unwell.

The reports submitted by a group of Indian scientists in the Parliament revealed many more saddening things. According to those reports, the trend of sea level rise in the north Indian Ocean is slightly higher than the global estimate of 3.2 mm per year, Minister of State for Earth Sciences Y.S. Chowdary told the Rajya Sabha in a written statement.

In the reply, the minister mentioned that 1993 onwards, an acceleration of rising in global sea level has noticed taking the annual rise to present 3.2 mm from previous 1.7 mm. With considering these stats, the possibility of sea level rise in the next ten years is about 3.2 cm in the north Indian Ocean.

He then stated that over the period of 100 years, between 1901 to 2010, the global mean sea level had risen by 19 cms, at the rate of global averaged sea level rise of 1.7mm per year between 1901 and 2010 an accelerated rate of 3.2mm/year was noticed between 1993-2010 period.

“According to the fifth assessment report of Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the estimates made for the period 1993-2010, using the remote sensing satellite data and in-situ measurements of tide gauges, are found to be 3.2, with an error estimation of 0.5mm per year and 2.8 error estimation of 0.8mm per year, respectively,” said Chowdary.

According to him, the Central Government has already issued a notification with a purpose to ensure the livelihood security to the fisher communities and other local communities living in the coastal areas, to conserve and protect coastal stretches and its marine area taking into account the dangers of natural hazards due to the global warming and subsequently the rise in sea level.