This Wine Shop Was Near A Girls School…And How The Girls Taught A Good Lesson Is A Slap On Wine Shop Owners!

AP2TG Staff

As soon as we enter into a theatre to watch a movie, we come across “Rahul Dravid” giving warning to smokers and alcohol consumers. Previously, we used to watch “Mukesh’s story”. In our day to day life, we were habituated to watch various signs saying “no smoking, smoking and alcohol consumption is injurious to health”. But even after these measures, there is an increase in the number of people who consume alcohol. The government is just increasing the tax on the alcohol, but not reducing the number of sellers.

Keeping at aside, before giving permission to any seller, Government should consider various factors such as the nearer hospitals, school etc. But before noticing this, a wine shop was set up in Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala nearer to a school. That school is especially for girls. Those students were facing a difficulty while going to their school as they need to pass through this wine shop. Especially in the evening on their return to home, they were full of fear.

So, the students of “Holy Angels School, Thiruvananthapuram” decided to raise their voice against this. They took a decision and followed it in the right manner. They formed a group of 100 students and started their revolution in front of the wine shop. This news was spread to the excise department and the excise department minister TP Ramakrishnan responded to this and took personal interest to solve the problem of holy angels school students. He promised the students that the wine shop is going to shut down in a short span. After listening to the words of excise department minister, the students withdrew their revolution.

But this is not the only instant where the wine shops were located near to the educational institutions. There were many wine shops nearer to hospitals, temples, educational institutions etc. Like and share this if you want the clean India.

Comment your views if you have come across any wine shops located nearer to schools. Share this important information with your loved ones.

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