School Girl Drags an Eve-Teaser into Police Station in Uttar Pradesh


The video of a teenage girl thrashing a boy inside the police station at Pilibhit district, Uttar Pradesh for allegedly harassing her goes viral in Social Networking sites.

The most courageous girl Sanjana, of 11th standard from Uttar pradesh, thrashed the boy inside the police station for harassing her,right in front of police officers.In this video clip the girl beats,slaps a boy until he apologized and fell at her feet.

School Girl Thrashes a boy who Harassed her in Uttar Pradesh

At one point, she twists his arm. This incident is being watched by policeman which we can see in the background. A frantic Sanjana finally takes off her shoe and starts beating him with it, asking him over and over whether he would dare to abuse anyone ever again.The culprit, identified as Ankit, was notorious for harassing girls in the area. snajana decided to stand up to him. When she came to know that he is following her,she dragged her to police station and a lesson was taught to him.

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Sanjana said that to ANI that “he used to harass us every day. When it went beyond limits and the abuses grew worse, we decided to act.”

The police did not made a complaint against the girl and superintendent of  police JK Shahi has ordered an inquiry.

Most users in social media calling her as a brave girl and congratulating her for “teaching a lesson.”