Salman Khan Gave Advice On Road Safety! Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing & Trolled Him

AP2TG Staff

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is well known to be a controversy’s favorite child as he always surrounded by some or the other controversy. Every time he does something wrong, and next comes up with some silly answers.

Be it his brawls with the members of media in the past or his run ins with the law, the actor has always been in the news for reasons not related to his films.

However, it’s no doubt that Salman Khan is the only ‘Bhai’ of B-Town who rules the film industry and enjoys a huge fan following but at the same time, he has no dearth of haters when it comes to driving.

As we all know there are certain things in the world that don’t go hand in hand like oil and water, tea and tomato ketchup, ISIS and peace, and Salman Khan and road safety. But, our Bhai, who was accused of being guilty in the 2002 hit-and-run case, proved everyone wrong by doing the exact opposite.

In a recent event, where he launched electric bicycles by Being Human, Salman awarned the youth against driving recklessly,

“I think cycles are okay but motorcycles are really dangerous for them (youngsters) and for other people around as well. We shoot in Film City so I see on the highway people racing recklessly. Earlier there used to be races at the (Bandra) reclamation (where) I lost a friend of mine. I am against that. If you want to race, do that on the racing tracks. Don’t use main roads.”

The statements, though seemingly sensible, becomes extremely ironical coming from him. The actor was once accused in the 2002 hit-and-run case, where one man sleeping on the pavement was killed and four others were injured.

Though he was acquitted of all charges by the Mumbai High Court in 2015, Twitter couldn’t digest this advice from Sallu Bhai and mocked him in the most kickass way! And jokes poured in from all corners.

Here are some of the hilarious reactions:

A dig at the black buck case:

Users didn’t fail to remember Vijay Mallya here:

What an irony!

Salman’s advice on road safety is just like Hitler talking about world peace!

Meanwhile, Twitterati took a jibe at Jackie Shroff:

Who needs comedy shows when we have ample stuff to laugh?

He just had one advice for the actor.

How can Twitter forget to relate any matter to BJP or Modi government?

And Arvind Kejriwal too ?

And to people on footpath:

If you remember, the actor was accused of killing a man after he crushed him in the year 2002 in Mumbai. And it was in Dec 2015 that he got acquitted; however, common public has not forgotten the incident and the unpleasant controversy of the same still haunts Salman Khan.

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