Rudramadevi Movie in 3D Without ‘Special Glasses’


Rudramadevi , the first stereoscopic 3D fim in India and most ambitious film of Director Gunasekar is expected to release in the month of August 2015. This movie has started two years back at Thousand Pillars Temple in Warangal and finished the shooting last year and is still doing its post-production work. For the first time in India, a new technology is being employed for this movie with which 3D movie can be watched without wearing special glasses. Usually, 3D film viewing requires 3D glasses to experience the depth, apart from the usual 2D that comprises of length and breadth of a moving image.

Rudramadevi Movie in 3D Without 'Special Glasses'

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In Rudramadevi, the technology that has been used is ‘Enhanced Depth Solution’ (EDS) technology which enables users to experience 3D even in 2D theaters. This will help the makers immensely to take the 3D version more into theaters as there are very fewer theaters in the state with 3D. Gunasekhar roped in the prestigious Ying Group that previously worked on Hollywood Biggies like Avatar, Inception, Kung Fu Panda and King Kong etc to enable the EDS. Movie sharpness will decrease slightly in EDS Prints but still the watching experience will be good.

Rudramadevi Movie in 3D Without 'Glasses'

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Rudramadevi is produced by Thota Tharani and Anushka Shetty, Rana Daggubati, Allu Arjun, Krishnan Raju are playing lead roles. The music is composed by Music Maestro Ilaya Raja.