Rohit Shetty Finally Makes Shocking Revelations On His Movie With Prabhas And Salman Khan

AP2TG Staff

Now that the whole country knows Prabhas, his journey from being a regional Telugu hero to the most awaited country’s favorite is just spellbound. With a single series of Baahubali, the actor became a national star right with the dubbed version. The number of fans Prabhas has now is well beyond numbers when compared to the locale Tollywood actors.

People are now already much curious about the upcoming projects of Baahubali stars, Prabhas, of course, occupies the first place in favor terms.

Rumors flew across the whole fraternity about Prabhas’ entry into Bollywood. However, the actor dismissed all those comments. Only authenticated news regarding him is about his will to play a major role in Mahabharata.

A various news channels reports claimed that Rohit Shetty is keen to cast the Bollywood heavyweight Salman Khan and the ‘Baahubali’ of Indian Cinema in a film together, which ultimately will be a most promising venture.

However, director Rohit Shetty has finally opened up about this news, spreading like wildfire, post his trip from Spain, he was quoted saying, “It is fake news! I’m in Spain for the last three weeks shooting for Fear Factor. I don’t know where this rumor started.”

So, that’s it. It seems that Bollywood has to wait for a while to see Prabhas feature in a straight Hindi movie.

On the other side, there are people who claim that Karan Johar might rope in Prabhas in his future film. Despite all these, as of now, Prabhas is gearing up for his next movie ‘Saaho, which appears like a futuristic action thriller directed by Sujeeth.