Robot Capable of Folding Clothes Built by Scientists in Glasgow


ROBOT Comforts People to sort and fold the Clothes : Robots are capable of doing any kind of work and they are helping people in many customs. After working vigorously for 3 years, the engineers from Scotland, Czech Republic, Italy and Greece have built this amazing robot that has the ability to fold our clothes. The 8 ft-high robot, nicknamed Dextrous Blue, is able to establish which type of fabric is in front of it by using a pair of digital cameras as its “eyes” and sensitive grippers as its “hands”, which tell it the texture of the clothes it has picked up. The idea of creating beneficial machines that can carry out household errands lead those scientists to build such a wonderful Robot.

ROBOT Comforts People to Sort and FOLD the Clothes

The robot which they had developed is 8 feet high and is named as Dextrous Blue. By using a pair of digital cameras, the robot is capable enough to set up the type of fabric material. Pair of digital cameras are used as its “eyes” and delicate grippers are its “hands”. The robot was designed by using pressure sensors inside its grippers, letting it to “sense” the type of fabric. Even the robot is capable enough to rub the cloth using tiny microphones for detecting the texture. The microphones sounds are given off while the robot picks up the material. It tells the robot about the texture of the particular cloth that it has picked up.

This project was officially designated as CloPeMa, which is nothing but Clothes Perception and Manipulation. The complete project was sponsored by the EU and they wish to obtain an additional grant that helps to pursue their work in an efficient manner.

The task of folding the clothes seemed to be hectic for the robot. Hence, the researchers are planning to replace Dextrous Blue’s cake-cutter similar to appendages with prosthetic arms for attaining accurate result.

Dr Paul Siebert, the computer engineer who led the whole team, suggested the British fabric enterprise in future, they could use analogous machines to design the clothes in their industries, rather than distributing them across the world in order to get their work accomplished within less time and low-paid wage-earners. He even said that the project might not require a massive amount of computing power on the device itself and surely it doesn’t entail vast storage space.

The engineers have an idea of developing even more useful robots that makes our work modest and minimizes the time to complete that particular task.