RGV’s Controversial Tweets on “God”


As we all know that on the first day of pushkara i.e; on 14th July 2015, Tuesday, in which approximately 27 pilgrims, 13 of them women, had died and 20 others had been injured in a stampede at a major bathing spot on the banks of the Godavari river where a huge crowd of devotees had gathered  in Rajamundry. Ram Gopal varama (RGV), who is a well known controversial film director has tweeted on the incident of Godavari Maha Pushkaram festival. Usually, Varma blames politicians, film actors and many other celebrities no matter how popular they are. But now, even God is also accused in the tweets of RGV. He tweeted that “poor” Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu could not do much because God himself could not save the devotees.

RGV's Arguable Tweets on Pushkara Stampede Sparks Outrage

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“Why din’t God stop those poor devotees from being killed in pushkaras. Is it becos they prayed lesser than other devotees who stayed alive? For the pushkara deaths How come everybody blames only Poor C B Naidu and nobody blames God? If God himself couldn’t save his own devotees what can poor C B Naidu do?” tweeted Varma.

RGV's Arguable Tweets on Pushkara Stampede Sparks Outrage

Ram Gopal Varma blamed god for the awful incident and said that Chandrababu Naidu shouldn’t be blamed for the incident as god only couldn’t save his devotees. Or was he taking a dig at the devotees for attending the festival in the first place? Varma’s tweets were so riduculous that it is difficult to figure out exactly what he meant in his tweets.

RGV's Arguable Tweets on Pushkara Stampede Sparks Outrage

The incident took place between 7.30 am and 8 am on Tuesday and most of the victims were elder people. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, who was on the spot to take the holy dip, had expressed profound grief at the tragedy.

Monitoring the situation from the control room, Naidu had said, This is very unfortunate and shocking. I have come here many times to review arrangements to ensure smooth conduct of the event. But some problems cropped up in execution.”

However, whoever might be the responsibility for that awful situation and it is not the time to blame anyone. At least now, both the state Government CM’s have to take proper safety measures to provide good facilities for all the pilgrims who visit the holy place till the end of Pushkaralu.