RGV Sensational “Tweets” on Pawan Kalyan’s Speech


Sensational Twitter Star, Director Ram Gopal Varma tweets on Twitter after listening to the speech of actor Pawan Kalyan yesterday at Jana Sena Party launch. RGV gives a big lecture to Pawan Kalyan in his own style by reacting to his speech at the Press Meet. After a long time, Pawan Kalyan has come into news speaking on the issue, “Cash for Vote” and also gave advice to both the State Chief Ministers in a confusing way. RGV, who is the first person to react to any kind of issue from the Film Industry, sensationally tweeted after watching the whole video of Pawan’s Speech.

RGV tweets on Pawan's Speech

Director Ram Gopal Varma tweets as, “Pawan is a roaring lion, but lion never thinks before Roaring.” He also appealed Pawan Kalyan not to be a cat or goat as fans we expect you to roar like a tiger. He said that, the actual problem is, a roaring lion is speaking like a cat and goat.

RGV tweets Pawan as a 'Cat'

Truly, Director Ram Gopal Varma is a dying fan of to Power Star Pawan Kalyan and he is waiting to see him as a full-fledged politician. RGV initial tweets seems like a counter to Pawan Kalyan’s speech. Later, he tweeted completely in a diversified manner.

RGV praised Pawan Kalyan in such a way that he is a GOD who has turned from an actor to a politician. He even compared him as a lion and tweeted as: “It is really ridiculous to hunt for the reason behind Lion’s roar.” It is not at all necessary to give explain dogs about a Lion’s roar.

Director RGV Reacts to Pawan Kalyan's Speech

Adding more, Ram Gopal Varma said that, “Dogs might be thinking that the Lion is in zoo, but one thing that dogs must remember is that, if a Lion decides, it can surely attack at any time.”

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The tweet by RGV implies that, political leaders are assuming Pawan would always react in a positive way and tries to console all the leaders, but they should realize that, he might attack or react at any time against any party or any leader.

Finally, Ram Gopal Varma wishes him to give his best in his upcoming movies and also as a  Let us watch, how Pawan Kalyan reacts to RGV comments on Twitter.