Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) Sensational Comments on Pawan Kalyan


The two telugu states are now fighting in the sensational issue ‘Vote for Note’. Day by Day the issue is getting heated and everyone are in a state of silence that what will happen tomorrow. Meanwhile the issue is slowly following Power star Pawan Kalyan. Ram Gopal Varma who is well known for his controversial comments has made some sensational comments on Power star Pawan Kalyan.

It is known that the hot topic that is shaking Andhra Pradesh is ‘Vote for Note’ scam done by Revanth Reddy. However, Pawan Kalyan who is the founder of Janasena party, an active member of BJP does not react on this issue. Now, Ram Gopal Varma indirectly pointed out Pawan through his official Twitter page. He tweeted as “ప్రశ్నిస్తానన్న వాడు ప్రశ్నించనప్పుడు లోక కల్యాణానికి ద్రోహం… ఇది కళ్యాణ ద్రోహం. పాలకుల్ని ప్రశ్నిస్తాననే వాడు ప్రశ్నించనప్పుడు,కళ్యాణం కోరుకునే జనాలకి ప్పెళ్ళెప్పుడు? ‘”.

RGV tweet on Pawan Kalyan:

He says that why Pawan Kalyan was not talking about the issue. Before elections in the campaign, PK said that he will question govt if it does such activities. Why is PK calm?