Watch: RGV Punch To Newsreader, Calls Him A Joker For Not Understanding His Tweet

AP2TG Staff

When coming to RGV no one can replace him in giving unexpected answers. Even the new reader are a shocked couple of times for his sensational comments in Live shows. RGV left the studio for unnecessary questions and to avoid some things in the middle of the show.

In this video, RGV called a newsreader a joker for not understanding the intention of his tweets. However, he doesn’t call him directly but the inner meaning of RGV was understood by the newsreader and was left speechless for his comment.

Watch The Video Here:

Here is the RGV Tweet About Thief:

RGV always tries to satire on everything and gets succeeded every time. He always take twitter as a weapon to satire on everyone. He gave an explanation to news reader why he called him as Joker. News Reader shocked with this unexpected thing from RGV and Ram Gopala Varma as usually rocked.