Renu Desai Targeting Pawan Kalyan Indirectly Through Twitter Tweets


This seems to be another biggest controversy that sprung up the other day after heroine-turned-producer, Renu Desai, revealed Akira Nandan’s attitude who said that winning or losing is not important rather participating counts. Many of the Pawan fans replied that the children has imbibed the same qualities like their father.

Reacting sharper to these comments, Renu Desai said  “All of them who say ‘his’ kids r born frm their father’s **** not their mother’s womb! Both are my kids & will remain so.” Renu clarified it once again that she is a single mother and is not interested to go back to anybody’s life.

renu desai recent post

Once again Renu desai tweeted something about marriage and love. Here we provide tweets of Renu Desai which pointing Power star pawan Kalyan indirectly.

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“Man has kids remarry no problem  Woman has kids remarry big prob &taboo! Basically being a mother,a woman stops being a human with emotions”, this was Renu Desai’s recent tweet about remarriage .

And I thought I can never fall in love again…and they always said ‘never say never’…”this is the recenet post regarding love.