Here’s How A Reliance LYF Smartphone Caught Fire And Almost Brought Death To An Entire Family

Krishna Reddy

In the beginning, when mobile phones are established, people use it to make calls and receive calls. As the time passed, the mobile phones killed some products like an alarm clock, a calculator, a music player and a digital camera. But these days, mobile phones are also killing human beings which seem to be a new mission.

We had recently seen a lot of news regarding mobile phones that burst in fire especially Samsung. Not only mobile phones, electronic products like washing machines, air conditioners and many are on a boom. All of this created paranoia amongst customers and they are now demanding some serious answers.

Compared to the west, there are very less number of incidents has been reported in India. In a recent incident, a Reliance Lyf phone had almost brought death to an entire family.

Tanvir Sadiq, a customer of Reliance Lyf phone, went on Twitter to share the news of his phone catching fire. He also mentioned that his family had a narrow escape from death when this happened.

This was one of the serious issues and the question is that how the company needs to look into it and recall the handsets?

A Reliance Lyf team member reached out to the consumer with a prompt response asking for Sadiq’s contact details.

In a statement, a spokesperson from LYF said:

“We are concerned about the incident reported in social media and are taking the matter seriously. We are assessing the cause and will conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. Customer safety is paramount to us and, based on our findings, we will take appropriate action.”

This statement has pacified the situation for the time being but Reliance LYF will need to be extra cautious with its smartphones to avoid a disaster like Samsung.