Revealed: Reason Behind MS Dhoni Not Wearing Jersey With His Mother’s Name While Keeping Against New Zealand At Vizag

Krishna Reddy

During the fifth and final ODI between India and New Zealand at Vizag, team India has given a pleasant surprise to the cricket fans across the globe. In a first of its kind, the Indian players wore jerseys bearing their mother’s names instead of their own names.

In an attempt at promoting gender equality, the Indian team sported jerseys with their mothers’ names. The move is a part of the Indian team’s sponsorship rights holder and broadcaster Star India’s ‘Nayi Soch’ campaign.

“To make a powerful statement, one that can inspire millions and propel change, our cricket team on Saturday sported jerseys with their mothers’ names at final ODI of the India-New Zealand series. Our cricket team will serve as ambassadors of new thinking and use the power and platform of sport to drive meaningful social change,” Star India said in a statement.

Thus, each and every Indian player appeared on the ground sporting the jerseys with their mother names. What’s interesting was Captain MS Dhoni was seen wearing a jersey with his name while batting but not while keeping.

While all the other players were still wearing the jerseys with the mother’s name on it, Dhoni’s decision to not wear it during fielding raised a lot of doubts in fans’ mind. He was seen sporting his own name on his jersey while keeping. But there here’s what happen with his jersey.

Well, Dhoni has not done anything wanted. Actually, the Indian skipper always likes to bat in short-sleeve jersey but when it comes to fielding, he prefers the full sleeve jersey. While he was about to go for wicket-keeping, he was not provided with his mother’s name on his full sleeve jersey. Hence, he decided to go with the normal jersey with his name.

Here are few images which show Dhoni wearing two different jerseys while batting and bowling:

While Batting:





While Keeping:




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