You Can’t Stop Laugh – This Is The Reality Of Indian Students Education In College


In this video, we come to know the difference between the Indian Students in the past and the present generations. You will definitely love the video. As the time passes away, the people also will be changing according to the time. In the olden days, people are so calm and they give respect to the elders. But now, this generation students have a lot of gap between youth on their elders.

The video is so interesting and entertaining which shows exact difference between this generation students and the past generation students. In the past, all the students go to college for studying and gain good knowledge. But in this generation, students have given much freedom from the parents and they don’t know how to behave according to the situation. They go to college for time pass and enjoy. This is not applicable for all the students, but maximum of the students.

Watch the wonderful video below:

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