Ravichandran Ashwin Gets Criticized For Promoting A Chinese Product On His Twitter Handle

Krishna Reddy

Ace bowler Ravichandran Ashwin was well known as of the most sarcastic players in the current Indian squad, his recent reply to a Twitter user who has compared him with Moieen Ali is all that proves it to be so.

Well, this time, the young Indian player is once again on news and not for being compared or criticised, but, simply for making a lame promotional tweet. Ashwin recently took on to his twitter handle to promote a popular Chinese mobile Redmi Note 4. His tweet has somehow triggered anger in the netizens.

Ravichandran Ashwin china products twitter

Many bashed him for taking advantage of the Twitter and stardom. We already know the kind of outburst and backlash that comes from the crowd when it is about using Chinese products in India. After all, Ashwin should have noticed this before, before promoting the Chinese product on his Twitter.

Some users spotted that he is actually using iPhone for sharing his tweets and promoting Redmi Note 4 on another hand. Furiated netizens went passing some bold comments on the bowler. One asked him if he is not satisfied with the money he is earning from ads and sponsored deeds.

And, some went recalling the conflicts that are going at the border, precisely, Doklam issue.

aswhin ravichandran redmi note 4

His tweet read: “There’s often a debate on reading my carrom ball but, there are some things jinpe #KoiDebateNahi! Redmi Note4: India’s No.1 selling smartphone”

ravichandran ashwin promoting chinese product

Check out some of the Twitter reactions below:

Not enough money eh?

iPhone or Redmi Note 4? spotted



Do not endorse!



Twitter Remembers!

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