Ravi Shastri To Apply For Coach’s Position Only Under One Condition! Check It Out

AP2TG Staff

As soon as the present team India head coach Anil Kumble resigned, everyone’s question is WHY he took this decision and who is the next coach for Indian Cricket team. We had seen different news in the social media regarding the resignation of Anil Kumble. Many expose that the spat between Anil Kumble and captain Virat Kohli was the only reason for this.

Whatever the reason is, Anil Kumble thought that the time has come and resigned despite having great success in his one year tenure as the Indian coach. Now, BCCI has a job to do and it is searching for the new coach. Earlier, we had seen Virender Sehwag, Tom Moody and few others showed their interest in the job.

And the latest update is former Indian cricketer Ravi Shastri is willing to take up the job as the Indian coach. But there is a twist in his interest. He made sure that he will apply for the position only if the board guarantees him of the job. Ravi Shastri did not apply for the job yet but could still be in contention if the Chief Advisory Committee (CAC) deems him fit for the job.

It seems that the former team India manager is in no mood to stand in the queue. Interestingly, back in 2016 when the head coach of the Indian team was to be selected, the two final names that the BCCI had were Ravi Shastri and Anil Kumble. However, Kumble has been selected. Now, with Kumble stepping down from the position, the vacancy comes to the fore again.

Ravi Shastri does not want to be rejected. As per the reports, an official quoted that Shastri has made it clear that he will not be willing to apply to see himself being rejected again.

“It is no secret that skipper Virat Kohli wants Shastri back at helm and Shastri was spoken to so that he applies for the interview process, but the former team director isn’t willing to be in a position where his claim is rejected again. He has made it clear that he will speak to the BCCI or CAC on this matter only if he is given a guarantee that he will be handed the job. There is no question of joining a queue and hoping that he is considered for the post,” the official quoted.

So far, the forerunners for the post of the new coach are Tom Moody, Lalchand Rajput, Dodda Ganesh, Richard Pybus, and Virender Sehwag. The official said there is no discussion of anybody reapplying for the post. The team will get the new coach before they head to Sri Lanka in July this year.

“I don’t want to discuss this matter – (re-application for the post of coach) – as it is a call that has been taken keeping the on-going situation in mind. All I can guarantee is that the Indian team will get a new coach before the Sri Lanka tour and whoever is handed the job will get a contract till the 2019 World Cup,” the official quoted.

In the above-listed names, whom do you want to be picked as the new Indian coach? Share your views with us in the comments section below.