“Why Is Ravi Shastri A Favourite Of Kohli?” Ravi Shastri Finally Answers This Question And Ends Hateful Comments Of Fans!

AP2TG Staff

India’s hunger for the right head coach began back in 2015. With Anil Kumble, the problem has been resolved for a year, but in effect of the differences Kumble has with skipper Virat Kohli, both went apart with the resignation of Anil Kumble from the position of National Head Coach.

Then the story took many twists and turns, a couple of names like Sehwag and Tom Moody also sounded high on the table. Earlier, it was said that an announcement will be made after having a word with captain Virat Kohli once he comes back to India.

However, the result was as expected, BCCI finally confirmed Ravi Shastri as the successor of the position, being the team’s personal favorite and his already ensembling good company with skipper Virat Kohli is all that justified him to be the next Coach.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Twitterati went berserk over the decision, posting hateful tweets on both Kohli and Ravi Shastri. The interim conspiracies on not taking Sehwag has confused everyone for a while.

While some went to troll the Ravi Shastri and Virat relation some questioned the whole drama of BCCI appointing Ravi Shastri.

However, putting an end to all these hateful comments, Ravi Shastri answered some important questions during a recent interaction with Sameep Rajguru of India TV.

Why is Ravi Shastri a favorite of Virat Kohli?

Answering the question Ravi said-

“I think, if we see the performance of Indian Team during the 18 months when I was with them and even after that, it was amazing. If we notice the cricket, this team has played in 3 years, players should be given credit. We’ll come and go but the performances of players should be given the credit.”

“Virat Kohli deserves the credit. Before him, it was MS Dhoni who also deserves the credit. So, in my opinion, the consistency Indian team has shown in last 3 years, it’s worth appreciating.” he further added.

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Even the Interviewer went on to ask “Is Ravi Shastri the “Yes Man’ of Virat Kohli and agrees to whatever he says?”
Answering the question, Ravi Shastri said-

“Team understands my approach, Team knows how close and how far they should stay from me. That matter between me and team is first class. There is no need to tell about this to anyone.”

Well, Ravi Shastri sounded quite strong with his views, we wish team India all success in the coming tournaments ahead.

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