Watch: Rashmi Hilarious Proposal To Sudigali Sudheer

AP2TG Staff

Jabardasth fame Rashmi is running in a golden phase now. She is busy with full of opportunities even though her latest movies Guntur Talkies and Antham didn’t do well at the box office. The Anchor cum actress hasn’t left television which gave her bread and butter. Extra Jabardasth & Dhee Jodi are among the popular shows she is doing now.

Several rumors spread that Rashmi and Sudigali Sudheer are deeply in love with each other. There are rumors saying that both were seen together in a pub. Sudheer and Rashmi are the team leaders in popular dance show Dhee Jodi in ETV. Watch Rashmi proposing Sudheer in the show.

Rashmi proposing Sudheer

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Rashmi Proposing Sudheer Or Pradeep ? 

Earlier Sudigali Sudheer proposed Rashmi in the same show as a task. Now it’s the turn of Sudheer to enjoy the feel of getting proposed from the gorgeous Rashmi. But Pradeep and Rashmi nailed it. The task ended up with a confusion whether Rashi proposed Sudheer or Pradeep.

Getup Srinu and his wife are invited as a special Jodi to this show. Even Srinu made fun of Sudheer. Anyhow Rashmi completed her task for losing round2 but the question is whom did she propose ?

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DHEE JODI is a popular dance show by Mallemala creations. The reality dance show anchored by Pradeep. Rashmi and Sudigali Sudheer are team leaders in this show. Sekhar master and Sadha are the judges for this show.