“Rape of Avantika” in Baahubali becomes Controversial


Baahubali- The beginning one of the most expensive and prestigious Indian film was released world wide on 10th July 2015 and is re-writing the Tollywood film history by smashing the Box Office Collections. It is directed by the legendary director, S.S.Rajamouli in which Prabhas, Tammanah, Rana and Anushka played lead roles in the first part of the movie. Since its release, Baahubali is facing many controversies, raising questions, rumours regarding the story, director and some of the characters. Now, another controversy has been raised regarding a scene in Baahubali.

Controversial Discussion-Rape of Avantika in Baahubali

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While watching the movie not everyone looks in same way at scene, story and character. In the movie, everyone might have watched the scene between Prabhas and Tamanna before the song Paccha Bottesina. In that scene, Prabhas will be romancing with Tammanah, but Anna MM Vetticad, who is a journalist in a national wide popular newspaper has now led to online outcry. With fans taking both the sides, that no doubt this interpretation of a so-called romantic act as a rape has led to complaints, cuss words and insults.

The journalist questioned,

“How come a Prabhas (Sivudu) who is teasing Tammanah (Avantika) when she’s fighting back with a sword, will strip off her dress, expose her skin to the whole world, and then she falls flat for him and sleeps with him between the sheets and is called romance?”

She also said that it as a romanticized ‘rape’ by Rajamouli. In the movie we can see that before ‘ Pacchabottesina ’ song Prabhas strips off Tammanah clothes where her milky glamour is unveiled step-by-step and then she is smeared with red color on lips and a tilak on forehead. Later, Tammanah (Avantika) falls in love with Prabhas (Sivudu).

The author also questioned, 

“Do we allow someone to enter our daughter’s bed room and paint a tattoo on her body? Is it not invading the privacy of a woman and playing with her body? After forceful stripping of her dress, Sivudu (Prabhas) then having sex with Avantika (Tammanah) character is nothing less than a rape.”

Avanthika in Contraversy

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Most of the woman supported the journalist Anna MM Vetticad, while the lovers of “Baahubali” called it as an act of romance. Some of the hardcore feminists are asking that, “Can we agree someone does the same to our sisters and daughters?” Also they are finding fault as Rajamouli portrayed Tamannah’s scene like taming a beast. Lets wait and see will how the director Rajamouli responds to this controversial question.



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