Bhallaladeva Troubled: Rana Reveals His Baahubali Secrets


Earlier Actor Rana Daggubati says the southern film industry is yet to experiment with movies of specific genres. Sharing the difference between Hindi and southern films, Rana told IANS: “South Indian cinema is usually made to cater to a larger auditorium and specific genre films are fewer.”

At an recent interview, Rana revealed the troubles that he faced on the sets. He said “Whether Baahubali is going to become a success or not, the feeling that I’m part of an epic film will be lasting longer and forever”.


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This Daggubati hero is ready to flex muscles, grow on weight, and go any extent for the sake of his character Bhallaladeva. But he says that I’ve no issues with Telugu dialogues of the movie but the epic-old Tamil dialogues posed a threat. I made writer Madhan Kharky write them, record them in his voice and mail those sound clips such that I could practise“.

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prabhas frustrated on Baahubali

That sounds pretty interesting and we have to see how Prabhas and Rana excelled with their Tamil dubbing, while Rana will be the only actor who is also trying to dub for the film in Hindi too. On June 13th, Baahubali audio will be unveiled and film is slated for July 10th release.