Ram Charan Finally Convinced the Kid Who Delivered Magadheera Dialouge


We have seen a super kid named Parasuram, who says Magadheera dialogue without taking any break in a video. This video creating sensation in social media, the mega hero has been impressed with this small boy named ‘Bala Bhairava’. The popular film dialogues delivered by this small kid is really amazing everyone who watch it. The video is sure to mesmerise viewers. The way boy has presented himself with dialogues is just amazing. Ram Charan encouraged the boy saying that you delivered dialogues better than me.

 Magadheera dialogue delivered by small boy:

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Ram Charan also expressed his desire to meet this super kid and Some days back, he met Parasuram and he promised that he will take care of his education and financial stuff. Now, finally, Ram Charan lived up to the expectations.

After meeting him Ramcharan came to know that, the boy is spending lot of time by watching the movies at home and he decided to put this kid in school.

ram charan kept his promise

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Ram Charan finally convinced this super kid, who is not interested to attend the school. Ram Charan posted “After a lot of convincing, we have finally managed to put this kid in school. Hope he studies well”.