Must Watch: Rajamouli Open Heart With Karan Johar About Baahubali


Baahubali Director SS Rajamouli opened his mind for the first time in front of Bollywood film maker Karan Johar. In an interview at Film Companion’s meeting ground, both the directors had a chat about the film Baahubali. This interview of Rajamouli is now roaming in social media. Rajamouli stated that “the whole unit of the film tortured me last 20 % of the shooting.” Everyone going down, my cameraman Senthil always used to say that, when I mentioned about the energy levels dropping in the unit. He said that, we draw energy from you.

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Karan Johar has asked few questions regarding the movie Baahubali and Rajamouli’s making of the films. These are few questions asked by Karan to Rajamouli.

Karan Johan: Are you completely satisfied?

SS Rajamouli: I have never been completely satisfied. I am talking about Movie satisfaction levels.

Karan Johan: I can’t use the word tortured. But they definitely, were they tortured?

SS Rajamouli: Yes they were. I supposed to be tortured. Towards the last 20% of the film, I could see the energy levels not only the actors, the whole unit.

Karan Johar: I hear the applause when your name (stamp) comes on the screen. How do you feel about this?

SS Rajamouli: It is because I made the films with commercial heroes and all those films have been huge hits. The fans of all those actors like me because I gave hits to their heroes. Mine is a reflected glory rather than off the screen.

SS Rajamouli: Apart from me there are long list of directors who want to associate themselves with Dharma productions. As a producer what do you look in the directors?

Karan Johar: I am a result of my instinct and impulse. My instinct must say whether this director is equip to make the film and most times I have been right and sometimes I have been wrong.

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